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As a nonprofit organization established in 1992, the Flint Cultural Center Corporation is committed to making sure the Flint Cultural Center continues to be a vibrant and comfortable gathering place for everyone in our community by taking care of the campus grounds and buildings, coordinating Cultural Center campus-wide programs and events, and directly supporting its member organizations: Sloan*Longway and The Whiting. The Flint Youth Theatre, Flint Institute of Arts, Flint Institute of Music, and Flint Public Library are independent and valued Cultural Center partners.
Each of these extraordinary organizations, in turn, provides a rich variety of high-quality experiences, innovative opportunities and important education resources that make our community a better place to live and for our children to grow and learn. Each organization has many faces: the faces of talented staff, dedicated volunteers, and generous donors. The faces of engaged students, entertained audiences and loyal visitors. The faces of friends, family and neighbors. The Cultural Center is your place - and we'd love to see your face!



Executive Director of The Whiting & The Capitol Theatre
Category: Arts & Entertainment
The Executive Director in conjunction with the Board of Directors, will champion programming and fundraising for the purpose of funding imaginative concerts, events and educational opportunities; offering creative new performing arts experiences; and initiating innovative collaborations and community engagement. The general responsibilities are: • Provide full oversight of all aspects of the ...read more
Contact: Sharon Ewles
Phone:(810) 730-0628
Early Childhood Education Coordinator
Category: Education
This position will work with the Education and Outreach curatorial staff to design and coordinate all early childhood education initiatives for Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium. This will include the design of curriculum and delivery programs both in Sloan*Longway facilities and off site at regional schools and institutions. Programs may occur during morning and afternoons on weekdays along ...read more
Contact: Sharon Ewles
Phone:(810) 730-0628
Custodial Supervisor
Category: Facilities, Maintenance, and Repair
The Custodial Supervisor is responsible for scheduling and leading the custodial team in the day to day housekeeping of the buildings, cyclical cleaning, such as waxing and carpet cleaning; meetings, special events and classroom setups and teardowns when scheduled and maintaining supplies and equipment necessary to perform this job. Keep abreast of new cleaning methods, equipment and chemicals for ...read more
Contact: Sharon Ewles
Phone:(810) 730-0628