Part Time Supplemental On-Call Supervisor

General Motors LLC
Job Description

Pay & Benefits:
  • Exceptionally competitive pay rate
  • Shift Premium for 2nd or 3rd shift
  • Compensation for all hours worked
  • Benefits
  • Vacation
  • Holiday Pay
  • 0 to 32 hours/week
  • NOT entitled to overtime premium
  • Eligible to work any day of the week

How to apply:
1) Go to
2) Click on Careers (upper right corner)
3) Click on Locations (upper right corner)
4) Select North America
5) Select United States
6) Click Explore Jobs (scroll down)
7) Enter Flint Assembly, US
8) Select Find Jobs
9) Locate appropriate Job Posting and apply:
  • Supplemental On-Call Quality Inspection Supervisor (QUA0003952)
  • Supplemental On-Call Maintenance Supervisor (MAN0027365)
  • Supplemental On-Call Production Supervisors (MAN0027364)
  • Supplemental On-Call Material Handling Supervisor (PUR0009311)
Contact Information